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kfceu 2.0.4

  • Publisher:Kieron Gillespie
  • License:GPL
  • File Size:-
  • Version:2.0.4
  • Operation System:-

kfceu 2.0.4's Description

kfceu application is a front end for FCE Ultra that was written in under a day.
kfceu application is a front end for FCE Ultra that was written in under a day.This is still in beta, and many functions, and features are not finished, or even started. Though it should be stable enough for every day use.It's also a bit of a memory hog if you try to load every game ever made for the NES, and Famicom, about 5000 roms. If you do try to load every rom ever made into a list it can choke up a system with under 1GB of RAM, so try to slim down your rom folder if your running on an older system.Requirements:· Qt 3.x· FCEUCompiling, and Install:To install:qmakemakecp kfceu /usr/local/binKnown problems:If you have a rom folder with all the NES games ever made (about 5000) KFceu will use almost 1GB of RAM. I consider this a major bug, and trying to figure out a way to imporve it.The Search function, and Info box do not work yet, also scannign the rom folder recursivly will not work wither. Also the Gamepad configuration tool is still very thin, and needs to have a mapping tool to rebind the keys.What's New in This Release:· Now you have the option to scan the rom directory recursively. Will now build on KDE 4.1 alpha.

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