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20080414142333156_Broadcom_Bluetooth_Driver_6.0.1.5300.zip 2007-07-12

  • Publisher:Samsung
  • License:Update
  • File Size:55.5MB
  • Version:2007-07-12
  • Operation System:Windows XP AMD 64-bit, Windows 2003 AMD 64-bit, Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

20080414142333156_Broadcom_Bluetooth_Driver_6.0.1.5300.zip 2007-07-12's Description

From Samsung: This package supports the following driver models:Bluetooth Hands-free Audio
Bluetooth Stereo Audio
Bluetooth AVDT Driver
Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Hands-free
Bluetooth Headset AG
Bluetooth Hands-free AG
Bluetooth AV
Bluetooth AV Source
Bluetooth Remote Control
Bluetooth FTP
Bluetooth OPP
Bluetooth SYNC
Bluetooth LAN Access over PPP
Bluetooth AV Remote Control Target
Bluetooth Imaging Responder
Bluetooth FAX
Bluetooth SyncML
Bluetooth BPP Direct
Bluetooth BPP Basic
Bluetooth BPP Status
Bluetooth Phone Boook Access
HP Bluetooth Module
HP Bluetooth Dongle
IBM Integrated Bluetooth IV
High�Performance�Bluetooth 1.2 USB�dongle
Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB dongle
Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0 EDR USB Dongle
ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate
Broadcom�Ultimate Low Cost Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB�dongle
Dell Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology
Dell Wireless 355C Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module

20080414142333156_Broadcom_Bluetooth_Driver_6.0.1.5300.zip 2007-07-12's Tags

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