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Flashcard Suite (Student Edition) 1.4.1

  • Publisher:Anthony V. Van Ham
  • License:Purchase
  • File Size:13.92MB
  • Version:1.4.1
  • Operation System:-

Flashcard Suite (Student Edition) 1.4.1's Description

FlashCard Suite is the premier software solution for memorization. There is simply no faster way to memorize subjects such as Spanish vocabulary, legal definitions, anatomy, biology, technical terms, geography, etc. Flashcard Suite combines a fast, efficient editor with an elegant testing program allowing you to enter many cards into your electronic deck in a minimum of time. In addition, the Educator Edition allows you to create a deck and publish it on the Internet so that your students, friends, classmates, etc can test your deck from any current browser such as Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6.
Flashcard Suite is based on the age-old system of paper flashcards where on one side of the card is a vocabulary word in a foreign language (or technical term or historical date etc.) and on the other side is the translation of that vocabulary word (or definition of that term, or event that happened on that date etc.). In essence, you look at the word on the front of the card, try to remember what it means, and then flip the card over to see if you were correct.
The Student Edition offers all the basic functionality you need to create a deck of flashcards and test yourself with them. Choose almost any font installed on your system. Change the text color and size. Add, edit, delete cards or Combine Decks to create a more difficult deck. And when you are finished entering your deck, test yourself with it. Test the whole deck, a portion of the deck, or a random sampling of cards.
Enter cards in almost any language for which you have a font
Fast entry of cards
Easy to use
Publish decks on the Internet that anyone can access from their browser (Educator Edition only)
Text size, color, and alignment are all user selectable

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