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UltraVPN 1.0

  • Publisher:Lynanda CS
  • License:Free
  • File Size:1.0 MB
  • Version:1.0
  • Operation System:Windows

UltraVPN 1.0's Description

UltraVPN is a practical tool that allows you to route your Internet connection through a secure server in order to protect your personal data. It is based on the OpenVPN application and allows you to use its features in order to create the secure connection.
The interface of the app is simple and allows you to connect to the VPN by simply entering a user and an address. You do not need to create a paid account or open a webpage in order to create the account. Just enter the login credentials in the main window of the application and you are done.
The main window provides you with information about the connection status and displays the potential errors. When started for the firrst time the application scans the OpenVPN folder for configuration files and attempts to create a connection with the detected parameters.
You can set a default connection for the program by creating a shortcut and using the "--connect" parameter. The Options window allows you to change the connection parameters and to use a proxy server for connecting the Internet.
In our tests, the program had problems in connecting the secure network and did not manage to successfully anonymize the IP address of the user. It seems as the support for this application has ceased and it is no longer suitable for routing the Internet access.
Overall, UltraVPN is a lightweight application designed to protect your identity while you are browsing the Internet. Unfortunately, it is no longer functional due to lack of support so you need to look for another solution.
Reviewed by Sorin Cirneala, last updated on November 12th, 2012

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