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UltraVPN 1.0.3

  • Publisher:Lynanda CS
  • License:FREE
  • File Size:1.15 MB
  • Version:1.0.3
  • Operation System:Windows

UltraVPN 1.0.3's Description

Ultra VPN is a powerful Internet browsing anonymizing solution that utilizes VPN (virtual private network) technology to keep all of your Internet activity anonymous, so that no one can see your real IP address or geographical location. Being based on OpenVPN, this software is very reliable and is used by thousands of people around the world every day.
With a surprisingly small file size of only about 1 MB, the software downloads in about 1 to 2 minutes on a standard broadband Internet connection. The user-friendly, wizard style setup guide lets you choose which components of the software youd like to install. Upon running the program for the first time youll be asked whether youd like to use the default OpenVPN config file proxy settings, the settings that are already configured within Internet Explorer on your system, or a manual configuration.
The UltraVPN interface is extremely simplistic, as there are not many advanced features. In fact, after youve set up the proxy configuration and enter in your username/password credentials, youll no longer need to use the interface at all. The included help file walks you through the process of adjusting all of the important settings, so even if youve never set up a virtual private network before, you should be able to using this software.

  • Permanently free to use and only requires a simple registration (with no e-mail address needed)

  • Doesnt require any complex input on behalf of the user, however at the same time there are a variety of preferences that give advanced users greater control over their virtual private network

  • Gives you the ability to surpass geographic and network based restrictions. For example, if youre browsing the Internet at work and a specific site is blacklisted, you can use UltraVPN to circumvent this limitation.

  • Very easy to use and includes adequate help documentation

  • Lets you choose from several proxy setting configurations, including custom, Internet Explorer settings, and the default OpenVPN configuration

  • Compatible with both SOCKS and HTTP proxies


  • You may have to log off and log back on a couple of times to achieve a connection. Fortunately, you can test whether the software is working by using sites like Speedtest.net to determine what your visible IP address/location is.

  • Many users note that browsing the Internet through a virtual private network connection is sometimes significantly slower than browsing without anonymizing.

The most popular alternatives to UltraVPN include OpenVPN, CyberGhost VPN, TOR network, Hotspot Shield, and VyprVPN. Of these competitors, OpenVPN is probably the most similar in its functionality, considering the fact that UltraVPN bases its user interface and backend operation on the source code of OpenVPN. However, the most widely used alternative to UltraVPN is definitely TOR.
If youre looking for an easy and effective way to browse the Internet anonymously, UltraVPN provides the perfect solution. With an interface that practically anyone can use, and functionality that is based on the reputable OpenVPN development structure, this software provides dependability and usability in a single package.

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